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In 2017, the NCFTA launched its formal training program to better equip researchers with the tools necessary for identifying and combating the various threats that exist to their organizations.  In our first year of offerings, we conducted dozens of courses at seven locations and 2 webinars reaching nearly 900 individuals.  For 2018, we are continuing to build on this success by improving our existing courses as well as adding additional training opportunities both online and in person that are competitively priced. All future net proceeds from our training initiative will be earmarked for our soon to be announced Cyber Scholars Program which will provide scholarships to deserving students pursuing a degree in cybersecurity or related field of study.

Our courses are very flexible in that we can tailor our training for your agency or businesses needs.  If interested in learning more, please contact:

NCFTA Academic Partnerships

We have partnered with Carlow University in offering a MicroMasters Degree in Cyber Threat Research and Analytics.

For more information, please see the following link:

As part of this collaboration, we have developed 4 podcasts to better introduce some of the material we are covering in our courses:

Data Breaches: Do You Even Know You’re Affected?

This podcast gets past the hype of data breach reporting and discuss exactly what a data breach is.  We also introduce some of the groups behind the breaches and how they are able to be successful, but most importantly, how the breaches affect the everyday person.

Cyber Crime is Not Just About the Technology

We introduce listeners to a whole new threat that goes way beyond technology – how good old-fashioned social engineering techniques are costing victims hundreds of millions of dollars each year.  These crimes often require minimal technical savvy and are often targeted directly at the average person.

Virtual Currency: Opening Up a Whole New World for Criminals (and you)

This podcast begins with a very high level explanation: Exactly what is virtual currency versus crypto-currency?  We discuss how virtual currency has enabled a rise in various criminal activity, and how investors are jumping onboard and whether this may be impacting criminal and legitimate usage.

Introduction to the Deep Dark Web