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The Brand and Consumer Protection (BCP) Program has several areas of focus:

  • Preventing the spread of counterfeit goods that are impacting consumers and supply chains;
  • Supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers in the prevention and spreading of counterfeit drugs, diverted APIs and other potential threats to the sector;
  • Assisting the retail sector in combating various national and international threats;

Counterfeit merchandise is a serious threat for the nation in terms of economic stability, public safety, and national security. The NCFTA partners with industry and the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (NIPRC) to share information and provide actionable intelligence on individuals/groups involved in the distribution of counterfeit merchandise.

An estimated $1.8 billion USD a year in fraud is perpetrated by criminals using stolen credit cards,  debit cards, and other login credentials for the purchase of various goods online. The NCFTA provides a forum for participants from both industry and law enforcement to share information and build actionable intelligence relative to such incidents and thus combat this ongoing threat.