Become a Partner

Interested in having a seat at our table?

If the NCFTA’s work, approach, culture, and mission sounds appealing to you, we invite you to consider joining us. Our partners, are intent on making an impact and disrupting the cyber-criminal ecosystem.
Our unique model offers two engagement options where Partners can deploy their own resource to co-locate with us and our law enforcement Partners (in Pittsburgh, PA or New York City) or opt to engage remotely through mature communication channels.

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Who typically joins NCFTA?

  • 01. Organizations seeking to augment their existing business risk efforts
  • 02. Organizations with limited intelligence resources of their own
  • 03. Those committed to joining forces and sharing knowledge against a common foe
  • 04. Responsible stakeholders committed to making an impact for the greater good

How do our partners benefit?

In addition to providing a trusted sharing environment, the NCFTA acts as an extension of your team and force multiplier for cybersecurity, threat intelligence and fraud prevention teams, and brand/intellectual property protection specialists.

The NCFTA provides access to dedicated teams of analysts working across initiatives as well as a community of trusted industry partner SMEs (subject-matter experts). All partners also have direct access to a committed, highly motivated cadre of domestic and international law enforcement professionals to talk discreetly, share intently, and disrupt collectively.

Our partners are also provided with regular updates on trends, emerging threats, and near real-time threats through numerous communication channels, community generated intel feeds, peer calls, working groups, in-person meetings, custom intelligence reports, and white papers.

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