What We Do

Our reach is global. Our work is personal.

Effectively disrupting serious cyber threats, often on a global scale, requires the human factor. It means rolling up our sleeves and working as a dedicated team, person to person. Two decades ago, the NCFTA was created by industry and law enforcement to provide exactly the kind of neutral, trusted environment required for two-way information sharing and the creation of actionable intelligence that gets results.

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How we do it

01. Share

What happens to one of us should only happen to one of us.  Through active information sharing in a trusted community, participants crowd source their threat intelligence to better identify risk, threats, and criminal groups or actors impacting our cyber ecosystem.

02. Validate

By leveraging shared experiences, suspicions, and events, participants are able to validate their own suspicions and make more timely and effective risk management decisions.

03. Disrupt

Our ultimate goal is to make it more difficult for those who seek to cause harm to our companies, communities, or way of life.  This is achievable through active collaboration and by sharing defensive measures, exposing and dismantling criminal infrastructure, and supporting law enforcement around the world who also seek to impose a consequence on miscreants responsible for the criminal activity.

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Committed to taking action

Cybercrime affects our partners, industry, and individuals in often devastating ways. Our mission to identify, validate, and disrupt threats begins with information sharing, but does not stop there.

To move from information to action, we bring together committed people, an understanding of context, and the right technology. Using shared experiences, our unique on-site collection of historical intelligence, and expert analysis, we help our partners validate suspicions, mitigate risk, and prevent incidents, often proactively. Our law enforcement partners are then able to effectively move against those who would threaten our society, economy, and intellectual property.

Commitment leads to results

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We help disrupt cyber threats in three key areas.

NCFTA’s focused programs help protect a range of industries from the cybercrimes that pose the greatest threats to today’s businesses and their end consumers.

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Malware and Cyber Threats

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Cyber Financial

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Brand and Consumer Protection

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